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PLEASE NOTE: As I make my switch to the iPad and tend to other work, commissions will be opening less frequently and more sporadically through the year. I know this can be hard to keep up with, so message me if you're very set on a commission and haven't had a chance yet - I usually can save you a spot if you don't mind waiting! 


I will post tweets announcing when I am taking commissions (I'll probably take no more than 5 or 6 at a time) and you are welcome to message me or reply to the tweet to claim a spot on the queue. Once I let you know that your spot is secured, feel free to send me information on what you might be interested in. Please be thorough if you have specific preferences! Otherwise, I am totally cool with artistic liberty :-)

How do I get a commission?

I will post on Twitter announcing when I am open for commissions; I'll probably take no more than 5 or 6 at a time, so please keep an eye on my tweets for when I announce all spots taken! You are welcome to message me or reply to the tweet to claim a spot on the queue. Once I let you know that your spot is secured, feel free to send me information on what you might be interested in. Please be thorough if you have specific preferences! Otherwise, I am totally cool with artistic liberty :-)

In your message, please have prepared this information: 

Type of commission desired: (see commission price page for this)
References: (can be links or images sent in message)
Description of piece: (can be artistic freedom if you don't have anything specific)
Paypal email: (the email I send the invoice to)

Contact email: (the one I send the art to)

I'll let you know when you've been added to the official queue, and I can send an invoice to you ASAP. Immediate payment isn't necessary, but is preferred if convenient. If not, don't worry about it! Just message me when it's been taken care of so I can know when I may start the piece. 



01.   Commissions are discussed either through Twitter messages (@ritwells) or through email. If you are using email, please send it to, with your name, twitter handle, and the word “commission” following it as the subject. That way I know who you are and why you’re emailing me and I can get back to you asap!


02.   Please do not edit my art without my permission at any time. You’re allowed to crop it for your icon or banner, but please don’t forget to credit me somewhere if my logo or signature "L'17" or “Langston” is not visible. 


03.  My style will remain with the commission - please view my art on twitter @ritwells for an idea of what I do, as that’s where I update mostly. I’ll occasionally post things here, but it’s rare. If you want something of a particular resolution for a desktop or something, PLEASE let me know! Typically, my pieces end up being around 1500-2000px wide and at 300dpi for high resolution. Specify if you need it to be in CMYK for printing!


04.  I enjoy having artistic freedom, but if you have something specific in mind, please give me an idea of what you would like with as much detail as you can! I want to satisfy my customers to the best of my ability. However, if you're alright with me taking free rein, I don't mind it at all.



01.   I take all payments through PayPal invoices. No exceptions or eChecks.


02.   Your payment has no due date, but the sooner you pay, the sooner I may be able to get to your piece (depending on your queue position). I will not start on a piece until full payment has been made due to problems with this in the past.


03.   Prices ARE negotiable depending on your financial status. I know we all have priorities of some sort, but I won’t be making any huge deductions from my regular prices. If you can’t afford it all at once, we can sort out a payment plan that is within reason :-)


01.   I will allow cancelling a commission, but if I have started on the piece already, your refund will only amount to what hasn’t been worked on. For instance, if you paid me $40 for a piece, and I’ve only gotten to the sketch, you will get a refund of $32.


02.   If you decide to cancel things before I’ve started, that’s totally fine! You have no obligation to keep me as your artist if it takes too long or something comes up. To cancel, just email me or send me a message on Twitter.


03.  If you ignore payment for 5 days without explanation, I will cancel the commission. However, if something comes up, PLEASE feel free to message me on twitter to get my response immediately, or email me.


01. I will always send a preliminary rough sketch AFTER payment has been completed. These sketches cannot be reposted and are only for personal approval of the piece. 


02. I will sometimes tweak colours and designs to suit my style but not so much that your character isn’t recognisable. 


03. When I receive your email/message with what you have in mind, I will add you to the trello queue (link here). There, you can keep updated with the process of your art. Keep in mind this board is mostly for my own organisation so it might look messy at times! I will email/message you when I have started and completed your piece.


04. Commissions are my only source of income and I do try to maintain life outside of work, so sometimes I may need a break. However, I will always update on progress and notify you if something comes up.

05. Please let me know if you require a deadline.

06. I am usually very good at keeping up with messages when it regards a commission. If you need to talk to me about something regarding your piece or are curious to see the progress, please don't feel afraid to message or email! I try to get back to messages within 2-3 days, but the best times to reach me via DM/email will usually be weekdays 9am-5pm central time. During weekends I may post personal work but I will not reply to messages (unless urgent) until the Monday of that coming week.



01.  You are allowed 2 revisions of a sketch. Any more after that and it is a $2 added fee*. Updates of fully completed reference sheets require a $5 fee. *this may not apply in the case of a reference sheet, which I require lots of commissioner/artist interaction for so that you're completely satisfied with the final piece.


01. I can draw most things (and if not practised on something, I do employ references!) but I have a knack for animals + anthros. However, I do enjoy drawing people as well! I've been practising my scenery too, so I'm also capable of that.


02. I will NOT draw the following: NSFW, fetish art, mechanical characters, vehicles (may be some exceptions), city scenes. If you have any questions about something I haven’t mentioned, please ask, but don’t be personally offended if I turn down something. Generally I enjoy a good challenge.


01. All art created by me can be reposted but ONLY with credit to my Twitter, IG, or tumblr. Usually I will retweet your posts with my art in them. If you repost your commissioned art, LET ME KNOW so that I can check it out. Art theft is something I’ve dealt with in the past - it is illegal and if someone or myself finds that you have been stealing my art, there will be legal consequences. 


What I hope to achieve with my commission work is a healthy relationship between commissioner and the artist. I'm still kinda new to the whole business, but I'm doing my best to incorporate a process that encourages positive interactions between me and my commissioners. This isn't to say I'm trying to make "best buds" with everyone, but more so that I try to satisfy the commissioner's desires to the best of my ability while also maintaining some artistic freedom. 


This being said, please be respectful. I am mindful of my amiability with everyone, and I would expect the same from my followers. I'm not a machine who cranks out artwork (though it may seem like it some days), and there are the rare occasions I may need a rest, or I won't respond as rapidly as you may expect. Whatever the case, I will explain myself and I hope my commissioners will understand. 


I hope to bring in new commissioners as well as returning ones, expanding my positive experience as a whole with all varieties of people. Thank you for considering me!


twitter: @ritwells


instagram: @ritwells / @artofmarr

preferred method of contact: email or twitter DM during weekdays until 5pm

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