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(ps: it's a little out of date and will be updated eventually!)

INTRO.   Being raised in an artistic family has its benefits. The artist behind Ritwell Commissions has been drawing since they were a little kid, never stopping, always ambitious. They attended Minneapolis College of Art & Design for a brief time before leaving to focus solely on independent art endeavours. They have an interest in all sorts of art mediums and have been published in a magazine for a 6 page illustration spread focusing on guitarist, Johnny Marr. 

DESIRED CAREER.  illustrator, character designer, storyboard artist.

EXPERIENCE.   high school: intro to art, art 1, art 2, art 3 ap, university painting class. score of 5 on ap portfolio. draws regularly. moderately versed in adobe ps/cc, and procreate.

INTERESTS.   animals, 1960/70/80s music + culture, band dynamics, music history, impressionist art, animation (2D + 3D), film production, writing, illustration, nature, environmental activism, travelling, movie plots, storyboarding.

CREATIVE AMBITIONS.   has constructed several original characters for a story regarding the sixties era of revolution in america, created a band that is based in the 60s era and has worked out dynamics and history of said band, created several stories/plots regarding wolves + their relationship w. humans in the 1600s. takes an interest in fantasy stories and hopes to do more with creating a finished product.

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