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Hope's Story

         Hope's Story is a narrative which focuses on the relationship between son and father and how they can learn from each other through their experience. The story is in the perspective of wolves, making it a bit more child-oriented as well as centred on how similar wolves' love of family is to ours. There are other aspects that enter into it such as prophecy and religion, but that needs to be developed as well.

For more art/info please see here! Lots of the info below is somewhat outdated.




  • Proud- a six year old male wolf who has lost his mate, Grace, and the majority of their litter. His only remaining child is his son, Hope, whose vision is impaired severely. His character is as his name suggests- prideful and somewhat self-centred, still consumed by the guilt of losing his mate and pups. With Hope being his only offspring, he attempts at moulding him into an image of himself, but becomes frustrated with Hope's disability and is doubtful of a successful future for his son. 


  • Hope- the son of Proud, and the spitting image of his mother. He ages through the story and has extreme character development as he begins to understand his faults and capabilities. At first, he is an introverted but adventurous pup, not fully understanding his disability, but once he begins to learn how he might be a disappointment to his father, he becomes exceedingly insecure and apologetic. However, his father continuously babies him and as Hope ages, he starts to feel belittled. Wanting to be treated just as any other capable wolf, he rebels by throwing himself into risky situations. Though danger seems close at hand, he triumphs over it, sending surprise into his father, who then begins believing in him more.


  • Grace- Proud's deceased mate. She and her three other pups pass away during an exile from the pack, their territory having been overrun by rivals. Proud constantly blames himself for the death of his family, knowing he should've never separated him and Hope from them during the chaos. Hope looks much like his mother, which gives Proud a reminding guilt and sadness in several situations.


  • Catriona- a female lone wolf who Proud and Hope meet while searching for a new place to settle. Catriona has her own personal demons, but keeps them shielded behind her kind personality. More to come on her character!

Below is a gallery of compiled sketches, references, illustrations, and imagined movie screencaps I've done for the narrative in varying styles, exploring the story on my own.

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